About the Work

Creating and engaging immersive environments for play, whether found or created, is the operative force driving Diedra’s cultural production. This may take the form of video, photography, digital art, a collaboration, a dance, cartwheels, a participative art project like Plastic Fantastic, or robotics and art projects.  Immersive environments, unlike anything found in the everyday, may be created from everyday materials like post-consumer water bottles or within a video. Play is unscripted, a diversion and spontaneous.

About the Artist

Diedra Krieger is an intermedia artist and curator working at the intersection of art and engineering. Plastic Fantastic, a 16 ft geodesic dome built from post-consumer water bottles, has been exhibited across the country, from the Anchorage Museum to Governor’s Island to the banks of the Schuylkill River. Diedra’s performance video art has been exhibited at venues like Vox Populi, Projects Gallery, 40th Street Air Space, and Video Snacks. In 2018, posters of her work were published with Science Through Narrative Symposium, Society for Integrative and Comparative Biology and Women in Computing Conference. Diedra has an MFA from Vermont College of Fine Art and an MA from Monash University in developmental studies.